I’m Very Sorry…

The page you wanted to visit is written in xhtml, which it appears your browser can’t read.

You may want to consider getting a different browser.

What’s xhtml?

Web pages are written using a special kind of language called a “markup language.” If you’re using Internet Explorer, try selecting “View -> Source” and you’ll see the markup language that defines this web page.

Like human languages, computer languages evolve over time. We discover warts and flaws in them, we correct them, and the language changes. Periodically, the World Wide Web Consortium (w3c), a nonprofit technical standards agency, will publish a revision to the web’s markup language.

html has gone through four major revisions since the World Wide Web was born. A fifth iteration is being worked on at the time of this writing. However, inherent limitations in all versions of html have led many people to embrace the w3c’s preferred standard — xhtml, which should be useful for decades to come.

xhtml is not new. The specification was released in January 2000 after an extensive standardization process. By now, all browser vendors have had almost a decade to be ready for xhtml.

Why can’t I read xhtml?

Your browser — probably Internet Explorer — does not know how to deal with something that’s been a w3c standard for coming up on a decade. Even Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 lacks support for these standards.

What can I do about it?

There are many browsers available, many of which offer excellent support for xhtml. A short list would include:

Any of these browsers will serve as an able replacement for Internet Explorer, and will allow you to browse the Web the way it was meant to be browsed, in conformance with extant standards.

But the entire world uses Internet Explorer!

My mother used to tell me that even if the entire world was doing what was wrong, that was no reason for me to join them in doing wrong.

It’s a good maxim to live by. Yes, Internet Explorer has the overwhelming share of the browser market — but Internet Explorer is a bad browser and I will not break my little corner of the Web just to accommodate a broken browser.

I am sorry if this inconveniences you. I hope you will consider trying one of the other, much better, browsers available to you.

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